How to Earn $100 a Day Online in 2023: 40+ Powerful and Working Ways to Make Money Online

šŸ˜Ž Hi! Today I’m going to talk about 40 Best and Proven Ways to make money online in 2023. There will be both ways without investment and so with them. All methods have different approach and income. But they all work.

Many people think that in order to make money on the Internet you need to be a famous person or own complex tools. Things are a little different here. Income depends on how much benefit we bring to the world. If you work 8-10 hours in some field and don’t develop, then don’t ask yourself why you don’t earn enough.

But if you do what you love to do and make a little bit of yourself, then you’ll never have a problem with money. That’s why I wrote this unusual article, where you can pick up a method of earning income and have a little rest.

  1. šŸ˜‰ Is earning money on the internet realistic for a beginner?
  2. How make money for free online?
  3. 1. Ā«Earnings on cryptocurrency cranesĀ».
  4. 2. Ā«Earnings on Yandex.TolokaĀ».
  5. 3. Ā«Earn money by filling in captchasĀ».
  6. 4. Ā«Earnings from taking surveysĀ»
  7. 5. Ā«Earnings from file sharing sitesĀ».
  8. 6. Ā«Earnings from reviewsĀ».
  9. 7. Ā«Earnings from writing textsĀ».
  10. 8. Ā«Making Money with FreelancingĀ»
  11. 9. Ā«YouTube ChannelĀ»
  12. 10. Ā«Earnings from photosĀ».
  13. 11. Ā«Earnings from StreamingĀ»
  14. 12. Ā«Earnings from affiliate programsĀ».
  15. 13. Ā«Earnings from your websiteĀ»
  16. 14. Ā«Earnings on Tik-TokĀ»
  17. 15. Ā«Earnings from AirdropĀ»
  18. 16. Ā«Earnings from subscriptions in Telegram botsĀ»
  19. Earnings on the Internet with investments
  20. 18. Ā«Your own online storeĀ».
  21. 19. Ā«Affiliate traffic arbitrageĀ»
  22. 20. Ā«Buying and selling a websiteĀ»
  23. 21. Ā«TelegramĀ»
  24. 22. Ā«InstagramĀ»
  25. 23. Ā«Auto FunnelsĀ»
  26. 24. Ā«Making Money with CryptocurrencyĀ»
  27. 25. Ā«TradingĀ»
  28. 26. Ā«Investing in stocks, bonds, precious metalsĀ»
  29. 27. Ā«Development of Web Applications and ServicesĀ»
  30. 28. Ā«Digital agency servicesĀ»
  31. 29. Ā«Your Online CourseĀ»
  32. 30. Ā«Writing Your Own BookĀ»
  33. 31. Ā«Earnings from BettingĀ»
  34. 32. Ā«Earnings from email newslettersĀ»
  35. 33. Ā«Earnings from bots on TelegramĀ»
  36. 34. Ā«Partner aggregator sitesĀ»
  37. 35. Ā«Creating a WordPress ThemeĀ»
  38. 36. Ā«Earnings on AmazonĀ»
  39. Top 7 Additional Ways to Earn Income in 2023
  40. 1.Create a site with paid access
  41. 2. Develop a service bulletin boards to search for jobs
  42. 3. Implement an online catalog.
  43. 4. Publishing books on Kindle
  44. 5. Selling products on Etsy
  45. 6. Become a website tester
  46. 7. Making audiobooks
  47. Where can I learn for free?
  48. Cheating on the Internet? No, you haven’t.
  49. General tips for staying safe online
  50. šŸ™ƒTips for first-time moneymakers
  51. Article FAQ
  52. Interesting fact about happiness and money
  53. Conclusion

šŸ˜‰ Is earning money on the internet realistic for a beginner?

For a beginner, earning money on the Internet is quite real. The main thing is to choose the right way and put it into practice, because 10% of those who enter this niche earn, and the rest are dumped at the first opportunity. The novice user simply must begin his journey with simple methods of earning.

Here, even if you go to the freelance exchange, you can take on the first projects. In a few hours it is realistic to earn 500-700 dollars without any skills.

If quite a novice, start the way with the buks. True, you will earn a little, $ 50-100 dollars per hour, but you’ll be able to quietly withdraw their blood on the purse.

Earning at least some normal money on the Internet is quite real. Here the amount varies – you can earn at least $2,000, at least $100,000. Again, it depends on the method and the amount of benefit that we bring users of the Internet.

Let me attach screenshots of earnings from different sources.

I myself by profession web-designer lendings and creatives for advertising, and in the beginning of his way earned not so much. Here’s a look.

How make money for free online?

It is possible to earn money on the Internet without investment. However, in some cases, to get their hard-earned spent a huge amount of time. But in this article, I still describe some methods without investment, and maybe someone will find it useful.

Lets GO!

1. Ā«Earnings on cryptocurrency cranesĀ».

1. Ā«Earnings on cryptocurrency cranesĀ».
1. Ā«Earnings on cryptocurrency cranesĀ».

Go to the site

How much money it brings: 10-30 dollars if you work alone, and if you’re lucky you can get $ 200.

The format of earnings: register an account, every hour you drive captcha and get from 2 to 150 dollars. Types of earnings here is enough: the deposit at interest, lottery, buying technology for points, referral program, prizes for participation in competitions.

The first way of earning – cryptocurrency cranes. If you are not familiar with the cryptocurrency field, lets go read my article. In short, cryptocurrency (aka crypta) is a payment system, like Kiwi, Yandex Money or Visa and MasterCard with a small difference. Crypto has properties of cryptography, decentralization and anonymity.

And to make it even simpler – if you have cryptocurrency, then it is money that belongs only to you, only in the form of virtual money, as it is not represented in the physical security.

But this will not work with payment systems and banks – they monitor your every move and in case of what they can block your accounts and write off money. Oooh, we got it. And how do we make money without investing in this area?

First, you register a bitcoin wallet and in the faucet itself. The faucet is a project in which there is a distribution of cryptocurrency for simple actions (entering captcha, watching ads or performing tasks). Similarly with the bookmaker, but here you can earn a little more.

With Freebitcoin you can enter every hour captcha and receive up to $200 in bitcoins. However, it is better to start inviting referrals to earn “satoshi” (fractional unit of bitcoins, similar to dollar).

After earning bitcoins and other cryptocurrency, you can exchange it for real money – dollars or hryvnias.

2. Ā«Earnings on Yandex.TolokaĀ».

2. Ā«Earnings on Yandex.TolokaĀ».
2. Ā«Earnings on Yandex.TolokaĀ».

Go to the site

How much money brings: from 50 to 1500 dollars per day, depends on the rank and cost of the task.

Earnings format: after registration on the project, you fill in personal data as in the passport (for withdrawal). Then you do tasks and nabivayvayut rating. For 2-3 weeks really come out on the income of $5-7 per day.

Let’s move on to 2 ways to make money on the Internet – performing light in Yandex.Toloka. We go to the link and register an account as a perform. Fill in the name, surname, year of birth, country and city of residence and press

Or help the Yandex robot determine the quality of the product, the picture, the site, etc. There are also field goals to take a picture of a product, a store name, a shelf with products, etc.

General tips:

  • decides the rating, so you should try to do tasks well;
  • Do not make mistakes;
  • Take expensive assignments: Report information about establishments;
  • Simple tasks: Compare, Check content;
  • Earn money on the Tolok – jobs project
  • Yandex Talk – a way to earn money on the Internet

Money is withdrawn on payments: Yandex Money (Yoomoney), cell phone and others. The minimum payment of just 10 cents. The project is suitable for beginners, so participate in it and earn.

3. Ā«Earn money by filling in captchasĀ».

How to Earn $100 a Day Online in 2023: 40+ Powerful and Working Ways to Make Money Online
3. Ā«Earn money by filling in captchasĀ».

How much money brings: an hour to fill in the captcha you earn from 5-10 dollars.

The format of earnings: after registration, you begin to enter a code from the picture in a special field. Then the system compares your result with vedennym and for the correct entry, you get the money. On average, it is 5-7 kopecks per 1 captcha.

The two way of getting money on the Internet – entering captchas. The advantage of the method – you do not need skills and knowledge to start the process of earning. Why do you pay the project? Probably, you noticed when you lead in FB and any social network, in most cases, you enter the captcha. It comes just from such projects, where you solve it, and the result goes to the service.

Who is suitable? Schoolchildren, grandmothers and all ne Dalek users with the world of money on the Internet. Now this method is almost irrelevant, but it works to this day.

Topovye site for earning money by entering captcha

  • Rukapcha – an old but proven service for entering captcha.
  • 2Captcha is a similar service for solving captchas. The interface is the same as Rukapcha, but the payment is made in dollars.
  • Kolotibablo – not a bad site to make money on captcha recognition. Works for over 10 years (on the market since 2007). Praised for the good reviews from customers and employees.
  • 1INK – Shorten your links, get bitcoins (satoshi) – output to your BTC wallet. Payouts from 0.001 BTC.

4. Ā«Earnings from taking surveysĀ»

4. Ā«Earnings from taking surveysĀ»
4. Ā«Earnings from taking surveysĀ»

Questionnaire – the best way to make money on surveys
How much money: 1-5 dollars for the performance of the survey lasting from 5 to 40 minutes.

The format of earnings: the passage of the survey (you fill in the necessary data – sex, age, place of residence, where you work, your financial situation and so on).

4 way – earn money by taking surveys. The method is as simple as two fingers – you register an account, fill out a profile and start taking tests. For each test, you get your hard-earned money.

It should be noted that some surveys may not give more tests because you do not fit into their parameters. In that case, you need a bunch of services to make money in this area.

There are also a lot of scammers who create such projects and lure other users. They need your personal data for their own purposes. Therefore, before the process of earning, check the projects, looking at their reviews and only then decide to earn there.

In 90% of cases, the surveyors pay out. Your data, which you fill in the surveys, do not pass 3rd party and are used as statistics. So, for a newcomer here will not be difficult to earn the first money without being cheated by the project.

I recommend to pay attention to the following questionnaires:

MyiYo – a paying project that works around the world. Features a large number of surveys and rates for them. Fill in the survey after registration and you will receive paid surveys to your e-mail. It is important!
Paid To Read Email – Very interesting foreign project to earn money on surveys and not only. After registration, each new user $3 for a gift to your account.

5. Ā«Earnings from file sharing sitesĀ».

5. Ā«Earnings from file sharing sitesĀ».
5. Ā«Earnings from file sharing sitesĀ».

How much money does it bring: for downloading one file in USA, the file sharing pays on average from 3 to 7 dollars.

The format of the earnings: your task is to upload the file to the file-sharing site and distribute the file as widely as possible on the Internet. The more you download, the more you earn yourself.

5 way – use files to make money. Look, you take any useful material (information from the book, cheats for the games, training in a compressed format, etc.) and upload to file sharing.

Next, you get your unique affiliate link, which should be distributed. And after each download, you get money.

With the usefulness of the file I have decided, but where do I distribute it?

  • Use the forums. Create a thread on the forum, give a useful material and you profit. People like to be given some freebies (within reason, of course) and are happy to download. Create accounts on several forums.
  • Social networks rule and you know it. You can create a group in VK or YouTube channel with cheats and give them access to the material for downloading the file. There are many options.
  • Create your own site and similarly with social networks promote your link.

6. Ā«Earnings from reviewsĀ».

How much money does it bring: for writing competent and popular reviews on the Internet, you can earn from 10 to 300 dollars per month

Earnings format: You write reviews on the use of goods and services on the Internet and the publication of the review you get on average 3-7 dollars, for viewing 10-17 kopecks. It all depends on the subject and the quality of writing.

The 6th way of earning on the Internet – writing reviews. Every day we use services, stores and services. And we can make money on it.

To do this, you need to post useful, competent and well-designed reviews about the use of a particular product. The popularity of a review depends on the quality of the text and its content (photos, videos and the amount of content).

Why do we need reviews? The answer is simple: they attract other users to use the product or service they used. Here the crowd effect comes into play – if you bought it, others will buy it for sure.

Pay both for posting reviews (an average of 3 dollars), and for the number of views. True, there’s a catch – you have to write as realistic posts that they were popular.

And what do you need for a good and popular review?

  • The layout of the review. Make sure there are good quality photos and no flaws in the text (use more paragraphs, check for errors and write more about the product and its benefits).
  • Focus on yourself – feel how you’ve used that product or service in real life.
  • Never rush and write, write and write again.
  • Promote testimonials in as many ways as possible.

7. Ā«Earnings from writing textsĀ».

How much money brings: from 50 to 300 dollars or more per month. It all depends on the niche (specialization) in which you work and the number of clients.

The format of earnings: find customers on the freelance exchanges or other places and write the text. Typically, customers send Terms of Reference (TOR), which tells what they need a test.

Earnings vary greatly – freelance you earn from 50-80 dollars per 1000 characters, if you narrowly profile professionals can bar in the 200-500 dollars take.

Method 7 – earn money on copywriting or writing text to order. The essence of the work is simple – you take your order at the freelance exchange or other platforms, and write ready-made text for customers.

If you choose this method, you should start writing texts at the lowest price, but not for free (because you value your time and experience, right?).

Now lyrics are in demand as never before, you have a chance to prokachatsya in the field of writing texts. To do this is his, let them, sad experience of writing texts to customers and constantly improve the quality of presentation.

For 1-2 years you can become an experienced copywriter and earn steady money. That’s the only way it works for a friend.

I will highlight the main points of this activity:

You’re a beginner, and you need to build up a portfolio. The more of it, the better for you. The customer is looking at the quality of your work and the benefit you can bring to his business. Keep that in mind.
I’m not disputing that there are unkind customers who can sell their souls for 50 dollars.

However, you’ll run into them and you’ll have to be able to turn down their offers. Everything comes with experience.

Find your niche and make yourself recognizable. It’s called a personal brand. Start a blog on instagram, FB or any platfrom and write content in proportions – your expertise (what you do, your portfolio, reviews), life content (your life), news and stories from different areas of life. People reach out to people, remember that.

8. Ā«Making Money with FreelancingĀ»

How much money brings: from 200 to 13 000 dollars and more per month. Narrow specialization is needed for more earnings.

Earnings format: freelancing means fulfilling orders on a special platform or beyond (Telegram chats, bots, etc.). For example, on Kwork in the video editing niche, you earn 50 dollars to create a video lasting 2 minutes. Isn’t that bad?

8 way of earning – the execution of orders on freelance or self-employment. The main advantage of the method is that you decide with whom to work, when, and how much money you want to make. Think about what skills you have? Maybe these:

  • Programming
  • Website and banner design
  • Telegram bot development
  • Web development
  • Setting up ads for business
  • Logo design
  • Other specializations

Today, because of self-isolation, everyone is rushing to the Internet to make money. Freelancing is no exception, but there were guru-specialists who do not do the work qualitatively. That is why the freelance market is not as stable as before. To begin to earn a beginner’s first money on the Internet, use my advice:

  • Register at several exchanges. This will give you more orders and the opportunity to get more money.
  • Build up a portfolio. Without it now it is difficult to take orders.
  • Start to make friends with clients – solve their problems, their pains.

A person comes with a problem (for example, wants a website for his business) but can’t find a savvy specialist. So you have to act, even if you don’t have a portfolio, you have to give the person the benefit.

This is the only way to get regular and satisfied customers, and your life is changing for the better.

And in general, it’s real to create a flow of customers for your services. A bunch of Blog + Content = profit always works and will work.

The best freelance marketplaces to make money on the Internet:

  • Work-Zilla
  • Kwork

9. Ā«YouTube ChannelĀ»

How much money does it bring in: 1000 – 5 00 dollars or more. The main metrics for making money are subscribers, views on videos, and subscriber activity.

The earning format: you create a channel on YouTube, do the editing and dubbing, optimize the video, and get your first views.

In 1-2 years, you can bring the channel to 10,000 – 20,000 subscribers. Types of earnings: embedded advertising from media network (Adsense), advertising sales in the video, promotion of their affiliate links, etc.

To start making money on YouTube, you need to determine the niche, how to make content, the optimal strategy. Among the niches, particularly popular are:

  • Automotive subjects.
  • Cooking
  • Relationships
  • Self-development and motivation.
  • English content dubbing
  • Fitness
  • Politics
  • News
  • Highly specialized niches (home construction, etc.)
  • Again, you have to do content. When choosing an entertainment format, you need to make the most simple content, so it would get into recommendations (slicing jokes, vines) and gained a bunch of views.

To voice materials from the bourgeoisie, you can buy a good microphone and master the program for video editing (gluing moments, imposing background music, etc.).

Become a real blogger, means working every day on his channel. Many youtubers rose from the bottom, at the expense of polonost. Not everyone will be able to develop a project that does not make money. However, it is always possible to achieve great success and earnings on YouTube.

If you do not want to shine your face or your face, you can create simple affiliate channels. What are they?

It is a channel consisting of a pack of videos (100-200 videos), each video shows the slices of free services, selections of gadgets, books, and under the video is an affiliate link. A person clicks on it, buys a product and we get a % of the sale.

10. Ā«Earnings from photosĀ».

How much money does it bring: from 100 to 1000 dollars a month.

Earnings format: you take photos with your camera and upload the successful photos to photostock. There you can earn by downloading your photos by other users.

This method will suit more professional photographers, because they know exactly how to make a good shot and gain popularity for their work.

But beginners should try, because there is nothing difficult to create a good frame (after a larger number of attempts will be obtained) and for this to get not millions, but a penny in your pocket.

Resources of photobanks:

  • Photobanks
  • Depositphotos. There is a system of bonuses for authors.
  • Shutterstock – a popular photobank that pays for photo downloads and views. First you pay 25 cents per download, then 33 cents.
  • Fotolia – this photobank gives you a portion of the income of the system.
  • Dreamstime – English-language photobank.

11. Ā«Earnings from StreamingĀ»

How much money brings: from 500 to 40000 dollars per month, it all depends on the number of donates and the popularity of the streamer.

Earnings format: you play games, watch movies, or perform tests (Challenges). For the activity under the streamer, you can thank donatom or a paid subscription to the channel. Your task is to give emotions to the audience, you can do this, will be a huge income.

Another method of monetization – showing paid ads.

The 11th way of earning is to create streams on the sites and receive from users monetary donates or paid subscriptions to the channel. However, when you start this way, you will face a lot of problems (working with sound, pictures, and the idea of the stream). But it’s realistic to advance and become popular.

  • Twitch is a streaming platform with enough useful functionality for a streamer.
  • YouTube – YouTube has the ability to host the streamers and get donations.

12. Ā«Earnings from affiliate programsĀ».

How much money does it bring: from 100 to 10 000 dollars a month.

Earnings format: you find any affiliate program in a Yandex search, you start participating, you get a link. This link you distribute by any means. And when a person makes the target action (purchase, registration, subscription, deposit account), you get your %.

Affiliate programs are the 12th way to generate income over the Internet. What is it?

Affiliate program is a special agreement between the seller (companies, sites with services, courses, i.e. who provides goods and services) and the partner.

The partner promotes the very goods and services of the seller, and the latter gives a % of the committed sale or profit.

How can I earn on the affiliate program? You register with the chosen vendor, for example, the list of good affiliate companies is on the site partnerkin, choose offer (what you promote) and you get a special link. It needs to be promoted to get your money for your actions.

Methods for promotion:

  • Social networks. It’s simple: create a channel, a group, a community and promote it. When there is good activity, you can leave your affiliate programs in the content. It is better to promote partnerki related to the subjects promoted resource. So you will earn more:).
  • Advertising on the Internet. Promote your offers through contextual, targeted, banner advertising. This is essentially arbitrage traffic, where we show ads and make a good percentage on top.
  • SEO and websites. Promote affiliate programs through the created site. However, you will have to work hard on the content, and then bring the articles to the top, and then only you will receive some royalties.
  • Depending on the affiliate program is to choose how to promote. For black (not legal) affiliate programs in the form of betting and casino themes need 100 times to think whether I fit such an affiliate, because they are hard to promote.

13. Ā«Earnings from your websiteĀ»

How much money brings: from 3000 to 100 000 dollars per month. Earnings depend on the popularity of the site + niche in which it operates + type of monetization.

Earnings format: you define a niche for the project, create a website on a convenient platform, write content and optimize it for search engines (without fanaticism) and get traffic, which you can monetize and make a profit in affiliate programs or consulting.

The next way to make money on the Internet – creating a website or blog. Who is suitable? Beginners, experienced users and especially experts. Let’s talk in detail about the ideas.

For beginners who have no experience in developing websites and writing content, I hasten to please – that already now you should think about creating a project. So, what needs to be done:

  • Be sure to determine the niche where you will work. For example, computers, fitness, gadgets and technology, social media, etc. It is worth thinking hard, on this will depend on the promotion and the income itself.
  • Think about content for the site and create rubrics. On a piece of paper to write out all the ideas related to the area where a little you know.
  • Start making a site. For beginners suit CMS WordPress, it is easy to install and configure the first site.
  • Write content.
  • Optimize content for search queries Google.
  • Develop their social networks.
  • In 1-2 years will go good and high quality traffic.
  • Now you can connect affiliate programs to the blog and earn good money.
  • You probably got scared looking at this list. It’s actually harder to make traffic than it is to write the content itself.

For experts, everything is similar, though you have to clearly define the area where they work. You can also create a landing page (a page for the sale of services and products on the Internet) and promote them with the help of advertising from Google.

Ways to make money on your site:

  • Blocks of advertising from Google
  • Affiliate programs
  • Selling services
  • Push-notifications
  • Gathering a base of subscribers and promoting affiliate offers through it
  • Autotunks (when we sell products or services through a series of useful content)
  • Gamification (game mechanics in the articles, the purpose is to promote affiliates)
  • Selling links and advertisements
  • Guest posts from other sites
  • Storytelling – writing articles with a twisted plot to earn money on affiliate links

14. Ā«Earnings on Tik-TokĀ»

How much money it brings: from 1000 to 20 000 dollars per month and more. The more popular the person, the higher the earnings

Earnings format: you create content in a demanded area, increase the number of subscribers and views, then you make money: on brand advertising, affiliate links, donations on streams or by selling your services.

There are individuals on tic-tac-toe who make a tidy sum of money from a large number of subscribers. How do they do it?

  • Advertising other people’s profiles;
  • Monetization of live broadcasts with gifts;
  • Collaboration with brands;
  • Sale of own goods or services;
  • Earnings from affiliates.
  • This method will suit both content-makers and experts to promote their services. The audience is diverse, there is enough for everyone.

15. Ā«Earnings from AirdropĀ»

How much money it brings: it depends on the project that gives out the cryptocurrency. There are no more than 2-3 good projects. At the expense of this turns out to make 200-300 dollars without investment.

Earnings format: you find and perform airdrop: you fill in the data (e-mail, wallet to receive the cryptocurrency Etherium) and show social activity (subscribe to groups, write comments and articles, etc.).

After the end of the airdrop, the project will pay coins to your etherium wallet or other platform.

If the launch is successful, you will be able to exchange coins for dollars, dollars or euros.

Earning on Airdrop (airdrop) for beginners is difficult, but it can and shoot income. Airdrop is the process of increasing the social activity of the platform by giving out free coins to users.

Every project wants to be in demand and known, so they thank their users with cryptocurrency for free.

I’ve been in the cryptocurrency sphere since 2014 and lost an opportunity to get a million dollars along the way. Back in 2015, they were giving away 2,000 Ethereum project tokens (etherium).

Now their value reaches $6,000,000, although some users did not sell them and thus secured a good future. True it’s luck, you can not predict which project will shoot.

What about me? Airdrop is a thing of the past, and I made a little money. In first screenshot I made, that I exchanged 2000 Spheroid tokens for 120 dollars and kopecks for Ethereum on special exchange market.

I have an account with $3,000 on it, but I forgot the password to my wallet. Therefore, when working with cryptocurrency, do not forget about the protection and security of the wallet.

16. Ā«Earnings from subscriptions in Telegram botsĀ»

How much money does it bring: a maximum of 3-5 dollars per day.

Earnings format: Bots for earning in Telegram allow users to earn by subscribing to channels, inviting other users and viewing posts. Pay very little, but without investment.

Without further ado, I give a list of 5 bots to receive kopecks.

  • TGSTAR – the project pays for 2 years and has excellent functionality
  • UNU bot – this is the official bot microtask exchange UN
  • TegMo – popular bot with many advantages among its competitors
  • SeoBonus – perhaps the most original bot of all the previous ones.
  • AffBot is a popular and generous resource for performers and advertisers.

Earnings on the Internet with investments

Ugh, we’ve covered the first part of making money. Now let’s move on to the tasty part – where to start investing money to earn six figures? Let’s figure it out now, but keep in mind that you have to work like hell here, no one will give you a million for pretty eyes. Let’s GO!

18. Ā«Your own online storeĀ».

Necessary investments: you need to find your niche (what we sell), to analyze future customers, to find the amount to launch the store and the purchase of goods (300 – 5000 dollars). About advertising I’m silent.

Income format: we create and set up an online store, buy goods from a supplier at low cost and start selling goods. To promote the following methods: SEO, contextual advertising, targeting.

To make money on the sale of goods through the online store, it is important to correctly identify the priorities and the amount of investment. The process itself consists of steps.

  • Definition of a niche.
  • Creation of the site.
  • Purchase of goods.
  • Promotion.
  • Profit.
  • Mastablishing.

It is recommended to create a small team, because one person can not handle all areas of website development, advertising or procurement of goods. You will have to pay a pretty good amount of money, but there will be quality and confidence that everything works.

Where to find performers? For the same freelance, or specialized forums, or private professionals.

Now it’s easier to create a store directly on instagram. What does it give? First, the ease of installation. You have to try to work on the design of the store (writing posts with photos of products, reviews in the storis and price, contacts in the hood, etc.) and promotion.

Promote will be much easier through targeting. Already in the evening will gather the first store with goods or services.

How much earnings: from 500 dollars to 10 000 dollars and above.

19. Ā«Affiliate traffic arbitrageĀ»

The necessary investments: first we determine the offer in the affiliate program, where we will promote (SEO, contextual or targeting advertising, banner teasers, advertising from bloggers or autotunnels).

Then pour (promote) the traffic to the offer and get their profits.

Spending on arbitrage from 0 to 1 000 000 dollars.

Income format: Depending on the type of arbitration (without investment or with them), we get as affiliate sales or fixed rates from the offerer.

Traffic arbitrage is earning on purchased traffic. The concept is as old as the world: buy traffic cheaper and sell it at a bargain price. All arbitrage is divided into 3 important stages:

  • Defining and connecting an offer in an affiliate program
  • Choosing a place to promote the offer
  • Start the traffic and scale up
  • The sources of traffic include everything, where there is a movement on the Internet: free methods (SEO, content blogs and sites, mailings in chat-bots, etc.), paid methods (all advertising on the Internet (Google), targeted advertising in social networks, banner advertising and teasers, push notifications, etc.).

For example, in the photo above, you’ll see another case from an arbitrator. What did he do? He connected to a product offer in the affiliate program and chose to promote through Tik-Tok ads.

He spent 700 dollars and made 50 000 dollars on top. Of course, it’s work. It takes years of practice and a pinch of luck to get such a wow result, because you can catch a good drain.

20. Ā«Buying and selling a websiteĀ»

Necessary investments: choose a niche and a price for the site. It is important that the site has traffic and its payback period was in the region of 12-24 months.

You buy the site, start writing content or delegate the process. The more you can attract traffic from search engines, the more you earn on affiliate programs or on the sale of the site.

The investment in the purchase of the site may vary – from 100 to 10 000 dollars.

Income format: resale of the site with a markup, earn money on affiliate links.

Buy a site and sell it dearly? No problem. On the platform Teldery real to buy a profitable project and lead it, monetizing it with affiliate or contextual advertising. Always have time to sell the site, though I recommend building up more traffic, get the money from the niche and then only sell it.

How much brings income: from 1000 dollars to 70 000 dollars or more. Possible passive income.

21. Ā«TelegramĀ»

Necessary investments: to make money in Telegram, you need to determine the niche, start writing content, promote the channel and monetize in different ways. Promotion of the channel is the main task of the author, for this purpose it is necessary to buy advertising on other channels on special exchanges.

Investment in advertising from 1 000 to 50 000 dollars. The price of a subscriber in the niches of finance, cryptocurrency, marketing reaches sometimes 50-150 dollars.

Income format: advertising, promotion of affiliate programs, launches for bloggers.

Telegram is a good place for moneymaking. The main way is to create a channel and write content. You can promote yourself: by buying ads from other channels related to your topic, and doing traffic flows from tic-tac-toe or insta (if you have your audience there).

About launches. Launches work on the principle: write content for the expert, at the end of the day gather the audience from advertising to text webinar and sell there either course or services.

This method brings an excellent ROI: with the cost of advertising from 1 000 dollars, you earn from the launch on Telegram 1 000 – 90 000 dollars.

After you finish the work, you take your share of the expert’s income. It turns out an average of 1 000 – 70 00 dollars a month from 2 or 3 clients.

How much earnings: from 1 000 to 15 000 dollars per month.

22. Ā«InstagramĀ»

Necessary investments: we choose the method of earning income through instagram and begin to act depending on the choice: your sub-public, blogging, expert selling services, infobusiness.

For promotion we need to find from 100 to 2 000 dollars on targeting advertising in instagram.

Income format: advertising sales and promotion of affiliates.

Earn on instagram with investments in different methods and approaches to work:


The easiest – your public. We create an account, decorate it and fill it with useful content. Buy advertising from other bloggers or promote through the targeting instagram.
The main metrics of the channel – the number of subscribers and activity under the posts. When you gain subscribers (their number depends on the niche), will come advertisers and begin to buy advertising space.

Your blog

Do you have a hobby? Why not turn a hobby into a way to make money? You can write useful content on your blog and share tips in your storis with your subscribers.

That way you’ll have an audience that will be happy to buy products or services. And maybe even pump up your personal brand and get advertising from them. So make up your mind:)

Selling services

Promoting a freelancer on instagram is a fascinating story! Here you can show your expertise (your work, customer reviews, price for services, etc.) and start selling without selling services and products. This is cool, because few people do so.

How much earnings: from 5 000 to 15 000 dollars per month.

23. Ā«Auto FunnelsĀ»

Investment required: The topic of sales funnels is quite difficult to perform, but there is a lot of money to be made. This method is not suitable for beginners, but if you are a specialist in any field, you can set up a stream of clients for services with a good check.

Suitable more for experts, coaches. It’s easier to sell courses through autofunnels than head-on. Therefore, the earnings are large.

More money is spent on content (copywriters, photographers, videographers, designers and marketers) to create autoworks. The average cost of creating autoworks – 5 000 dollars.

Income format: sale of services and courses on large checks.

Autoworks are not just automated content marketing on the Internet. autofunnels refers to the sale of services or courses through game content. Explanation. When I write a blog post:

Sasha, buy this course for 50,000 dollars. Do you think you’ll buy it? Out of 1000 people will buy a maximum of 1, and the quality of the product may be poor.

Autofunnels solves this problem. It reveals the essence of the course or service, it shows what is on the java. It invites the text to look at a person’s life and see the solution in his product in practice.

Here we don’t push the idea that we’ll solve the problem. The buyer goes with the money himself and gives it to the seller.

Because the content and the game atmosphere removes all the fears, negative beliefs, errors in the mind, etc. from the person. Yes, a friend is really difficult to understand, but there are few professionals in this niche.

A little later on my example will show how to create a simple funnel with game mechanics and start earning a little money. After all, you need to gather a team, invest in the content and spend time.

How much earnings: from 10,000 to 1 000 000 dollars a month.

24. Ā«Making Money with CryptocurrencyĀ»

Necessary investments: to invest in crypto you need money. You can start with 100 dollars, then the income will not be large. You can invest in several ways: buying coins and selling them at a high price;

Investing in Defi-Finance; pharming, staking, investing in ICO, IDO, IEO – projects; cloud mining; investing in DEX-exchanges and liquidity pools.

Investments: from 1 000 to 10 000 dollars.

Income format: investing for the long term.

No one believes in cryptocurrency, just as no one used to believe in the Internet. Now crypto is more of a speculative asset (play on the exchange). However, I managed to earn good money, now I will briefly tell you how to do it.

  • Allocate money to invest in the project. It is better to start with 100$, you will start investing faster.
  • Create wallets for work and register accounts for cryptocurrency exchangers.
  • You buy coins from the top 10 and forget about them for a year.
  • Taking income when it will be 100% ($ 20 invested, after a year it was $ 40).
  • You also invest in other areas.
  • I will have an article about investing in crypto with real cases. Because there is a lot of goodness, but you can’t describe everything in text. Read it for now, and we will move on.

How much earnings: passive income from 1 000 to 20 000 dollars per month.

25. Ā«TradingĀ»

Necessary investment: you buy an asset at a low price, sell it at a high and profitable value for you, taking into account all the commissions. All operations are carried out on the exchange – an intermediary between the market and the trader.

Investments: from 100 000 to 10 000 000 roubles and higher.

Trading is by no means the best way of earning on the Internet for beginners. It is necessary to understand the basics of the market, to have enough 200-500 dollars and to practice. The same market laws apply to both stock and cryptocurrency exchanges.

How much can I earn? On average, an active trader earns from 10% to 27% per month.

Income format: buying an asset at a low price and selling it at a high one.

26. Ā«Investing in stocks, bonds, precious metalsĀ»

What we do: We open an account with a broker, fund it and start buying stocks, bonds and precious metals.

For the portfolio to work out the investments well, it is recommended to buy more shares and bonds with low yield (7-10%) and partially high-risk assets (yield 10-20% per year).

Investments: from 1 000 to 20 000 dollars and higher.

Investing interesting thing. You can get as 2 000 dollars, so 30 000 dollars a month. Income depends on the amount of assets in the portfolio and the average annual yield. In the meantime, I will write a few rules for the golden investor:

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Start diversifying your portfolio:

  • buy different stocks with different returns.
  • Invest in time-tested projects.
  • Learn to finally count your money and income.
  • There are a bunch of investment strategies, the easiest to execute is buy and forget.

Income format: investing for the long term.

27. Ā«Development of Web Applications and ServicesĀ»

What we do: We are looking for an idea on how we can change the world. It could be an online service, a chatbot, a web app, a mobile app, a website, or anything else that will function online.

We create a team and start building the project. Once built, the project can be monetized or sold to someone who uses the product.

Investment: $1,000 to $1,000,000 and up.

You can develop anything, but preferably something that will be useful to more people. To see ideas, use startup sites or see what you can do to make life easier for people online.

Profitable format: creating a project with future monetization. Profitable projects range from $10,000 to $100,000.

28. Ā«Digital agency servicesĀ»

What we do: we look for specialists from the same or related Internet professions and create an agency with like-minded people. We provide services to the client in different areas: marketing, app programming, game creation, product revision, etc.

Investments: from 3 000 to 30 000 dollars and more. Requires time and effort to develop the work of the team.

The agency compared to the usual freelancer is more reliable in the eyes of clients. Therefore, in order to make money, you will have to gather a team of like-minded people and start performing various services on the Internet:

  • Marketing (setting up advertising, SMM, etc.)
  • Design (site layouts, graphic design, etc.)
  • Programming (sites, parsers, bots, etc.)
  • Management
  • Business and analytics
  • Other niches
  • Profit is based on the number of requests for projects and the average service check. The average agency profit from 1 000 to 30 000 dollars per month and above.

The format of income: the provision of services to clients.

29. Ā«Your Online CourseĀ»

What we do: You have practical knowledge of how to do something or get the result you want? Then pack your skills into a course and start promoting it through targeting, advertising with bloggers.

Investments: from 1 000 to 50 000 dollars. Emphasis on the content, because people have paid for the result, and not for the text on the landing page. So pay attention to this.

How to make your own online course? In essence, the process comes down to packaging the product and promoting it on the Internet. Packaging is about working out the product from the customer side: how and what am I going to buy from you? Why do I need it and how will it solve my problem? Why such a price?

A person comes to create a course if he has done something with practical experience and is already ready to share his knowledge with others.

You can earn as much as you like, remember – as much benefit as you get from the world. Some bloggers though cutting at courses of 1 million dollars (I will not write who) while giving information of poor quality, they spoil the world, and fortunately their career quickly ends.

Income format: sales of the course.

30. Ā«Writing Your Own BookĀ»

What we do: We pack practical experience into a personal book. There can be as many areas as you like: infobusiness, hobbies, practical advice, stories, etc.

Investments: from $100 to $10,000 to promote the book.

Writing a book is a responsible thing. When you become an expert in the case and have achieved great success, as a variant of earnings on the knowledge of the book is suitable. It’s easy to do now: you do an interview where the publisher gets all the information about your expertise and in the future publish a book.

Some books collect millions of sales and become world bestsellers. You can earn an average of $100,000 to $100,000 a month or more.

Income format: book sales.

31. Ā«Earnings from BettingĀ»

What we do: We bet on an event with a certain odds. For example, team A will win a sporting event against team B. Then the player gets a bet multiplied by the odds. Coefficients are set by the bookmaker (intermediary).

Investments: from 1 000 to 25 000 dollars.

Betting is an ambiguous way to generate income. It suits most people as a hobby. How much do they earn here? As much as you like, depends on the amount and percentage of successful bets per month.

There are individuals (they are called cappers) who earn on sports forecasts. It seems that they earn only millions, but there is a dog in the hole.

A real professional sportswriter has both positive and negative forecasts in his portfolio. He shows his results to the whole Internet (they have open statistics).

And then there are the scam capers, who lure the young and the dumb people in the betting world by making big money.

They sell empty forecasts (air) for only 1 000 to 5 000 dollars and disappear from the radar. So be careful when another blogger has earned a lamborghini.

Income format: winning a bet.

32. Ā«Earnings from email newslettersĀ»

What we do: We gather a base of subscribers, write engaging and exciting content, and sell products or services. Earnings depend on the number of subscribers, the quality of the product, the niche, and the content.

Investments: from 1 000 to 100 000 dollars.

E-mail newsletters have been popular since the 2000s until now. What are their advantages? It is communication with the subscriber through ordinary e-mail.

It’s easy to make money here: you set up a subscription page, install it on a blog or a landing page, and collect subscribers. For subscribers to be loyal and solvent, we write hot content.

Then it’s a small thing: promote affiliate program or product and get their commissions for their actions. I recommend to pay attention to this method of generating income, because it shows good results in the long term.

In the above screenshot, you saw how the author promoted an affiliate program in one of the projects and managed to earn 5 000 dollars for 1 month for 500 subscribers. How is it possible?

  • He created a thematic newsletter for his audience. The more audiences you find one area, the easier it is to make money on them.
  • Made a tasty advertisement for the product. People like to be taken care of and given gifts. The author gave his subscribers a free lead magnet (bonus) before selling the affiliate product. Subscribers were eager to open emails and use his gift.
  • Sold in chunks, not a big elephant. Meaning the average purchase receipt. More people will buy goods worth between 1000 to 5000 dollars.

Income format: selling goods or services, affiliate promotion.

33. Ā«Earnings from bots on TelegramĀ»

What we do: we write a bot in PHP, connect to affiliate programs, run ads on the bot and get profits in the form of sales.

Investments: from 3 000 to 10 000 dollars.

In order for the bot in Telegram to bring income, it needs to be properly created. For example, in the screenshot above, the bot is a cauldron of financial affiliates. The author of the creation promoted himself by buying advertising from other channels. As you can see, the profitability of the project exceeds the limit (and invested only 50 dollars).

How to create or get the bot without knowledge of programming language? First, you can buy training and create your first bot together with a tutor. Secondly, you can buy a ready-made bot with some embedded affiliate links (you can change them to your own).

I personally know one owner of a telegram channel, who devoted his life to developing bots. He created both for clients and for himself to earn money.

Soon I want to test this method on myself, so subscribe to the newsletter and follow my progress.

34. Ā«Partner aggregator sitesĀ»

What we do: create a site engine aggregator services or goods, create unique pages (1000-2000 pieces) with embedded affiliate links and start promoting all this stuff. The first earnings are obtained within 1 year. Poetom worth a little patience.

Investments: from 3 000 to 50 000 dollars.

Site aggregator is a filter of goods or services. Works on a similar principle as the online stores: use the filter to select the product of interest. To begin the work define the niche.

  • Affiliate programs
  • Goods and services
  • Services (medical, etc.)
  • Online courses
  • Mobile communications, etc.
  • Then look for freelance artist to create the engine. The cost of the project depends on the objectives and complexity of the aggregator, but have to spend a good 1 000 to 30 000 dollars and above.

After creating the aggregator, it’s time to create a page with a description of this or that product, as in the online store. SEO promotion is subtle and similar to the optimization of text in the product cards.

I recommend to look for specialists to gather them into a team. Large projects require a huge amount of time and effort, about money I am silent.

Income format: receiving affiliate sales.

35. Ā«Creating a WordPress ThemeĀ»

What we do: with the team create a theme on WordPress and put in the general Evanto themes and plugins marketplace. Earnings will go from the commission for the payment of the created product (in our case this theme WordPress).

Investments: from 1 000 to 10 000 dollars.

To create a WordPress theme is necessary to order the development of freelance or create a team with designers, layout designers and web programmers. Plus you need to know English to navigate the foreign market.

Theme creators delegate the development processes: a web developer writes the theme code from scratch; a designer creates the visual concept of the theme for the user; marketers naturally promote it. Designers sell PSD mockups of the theme on the marketplace; developers get rewarded with a % of sales from themes.

Check out the youtube channel “Being a Programmer”, where the author will share his experience in creating themes on WordPress and making passive income.

36. Ā«Earnings on AmazonĀ»

What we’re doing: We’re creating a site on English-language topics. Place affiliate widgets with goods from Amazon. For example, the theme of the blog is e-books. We write a content with a selection of books and add the widget in the article.

Investments: from 1 000 to 75 000 dollars.

The next method is to create a content site for a foreign audience and monetization from Amazon affiliate. It is necessary to invest in the purchase of the domain and hosting, copywriters, purchase SEO-links. The overall strategy is as follows:

  • 1) Choose a product, focusing on the quality and popularity of the product. Specify the price of the product on the page above 50-70 dollars (above your commission).
  • 2) Take care of the design. Order 2 texts from a copywriter – one description of the product, the other for a product review. What will this give us? Confidence on the part of the buyer, and therefore the likely sale. For the description of the product use a text more than 3000 characters long using low-frequency keys.

How much can I earn? It turns out to create a passive income of 1,000 to 10,000 dollars a month.

Income format: affiliate and amazon sales.

Top 7 Additional Ways to Earn Income in 2023

Next, let’s look at ways that require effort, but the income there is appropriate. Now there are quite a few methods of turning your hobby into a great source of income. That’s why I’ll tell you about 7 powerful ways to do it.

1.Create a site with paid access

The essence of the method is paid access to your content. For example, American blogger Mark Manson has implemented a simple scheme: a person enters a blog about self-development, is interested in the content and can subsequently buy a paid subscription to new materials that are not available to the average user.

The benefits of the method is to create a passive income. After all, having only 100 subscribers with access from 100 dollars is quite realistic to earn online 5,000 dollars a month on a passive. No one limits you in the number of paid subscribers and subscription amounts.

What can I sell? As a subscription, you need to give useful content. This can be: checklists, instructions, online courses, secret materials:) the main thing – the benefits for the visitor.

To create such a site, just understand the functionality of WordPress, install special plug-ins, and voila. The site is ready.

Site bulletin boards can bring good money, because it’s a great way to make money online. So, the scheme is simple as two fingers – people who are looking for specialists from different professions, place vacancies on your aggregator ads, and visitors leave applications.

The way to monetize: placing a paid monthly subscription for access to the site with ads, a separate fee for each job.

Keep in mind that such services must be reputable and have high attendance. This requires an understanding of the niche in which you are working and the specifics of SEO-promotion.

For example, Problogger is an authoritative site where large companies are willing to post their jobs. Again, to make the site authoritative, you need to invest in website development, SEO specialists and project marketing.

3. Implement an online catalog.

No matter who anyone says, online directories are popular in 2023. To make money from them online, you just need to implement a simple idea. Let’s go to an example.

You have a site about graphic design and it has an authoritative status in the eyes of users. You will be able to make a separate page on this site under the list of specialists and agencies from this profession. This will not only give the authority on their site, but also help increase traffic to their projects.

And you get income through monthly subscriptions. That’s normal among projects on the Internet. You use Netflix to watch movies and pay a small fee for it. It’s the same here.

4. Publishing books on Kindle

Writing your first book is not an easy thing to do, but it can give you an extra source of income. How can you make that happen?

Writing a book is always two ways: either your experience or you are the writer. In the first case, you describe your experience in your field and help the reader solve the main problem.

In the other case, you just write as a writer (if you have the skills and desire).

Generally speaking, there are a few basic principles of a good book:

  • Do real research to find your niche. You need a subject that has a lot of readers and little competition.
  • Write the book yourself or hire professionals to do it.
  • Do not neglect a good book cover and description. After all, it affects the sales very much.
  • Target serial sales to fuel your audience and thus earn more.
  • Amazon’s Kindle service offers to post English-language works. Unfortunately, Russian books are not posted yet due to the impossibility of copyright verification with Russian-language content. Of course, you can try through intermediaries to somehow add the book to Kindle or completely translate it into English.

5. Selling products on Etsy

How to Earn $100 a Day Online in 2023: 40+ Powerful and Working Ways to Make Money Online
Source –

Etsy is a great English-language marketplace that helps sellers find their buyers through a user-friendly platform. On this site you can sell online and still make good money. So, what’s for sale here?

From smartphone cases to t-shirts, watches, etc. You can sell goods of your own production, such as jewelry.

To get off to a good start here, you have to remember some important things:

Before you sell your goods on Etsy, you need to research the demand for your product.
Calculate the cost of selling each product and the cost of production and materials.
Create unique items with your branding (not necessarily)but keep your style.

6. Become a website tester

If you have your own opinion of how this or that site should work, you can leave your feedback on special aggregator sites and still get income!

How it works: you go to the site and you are immediately confused by the outdated design, loading speed of the site, shifting the layout, etc. You leave feedback on the resources of the problem site and you get paid for this work.

Your tips will help online business owners to improve their project.

Below will be a list of the best resources for testing sites to make money online:

  • Ubertesters.
  • UserTesting
  • Testbirds.
  • Userlytics
  • TryMyUI
  • Respondent
  • Userfeel

7. Making audiobooks

The demand for audiobooks is growing year by year and will continue to do so. Authors of works get extra income due to the growth in popularity of their book, and you get extra income for the voiced work.

How do you generate income here?

You simply voice your book and put it on a special service. In this case, you can select the two best sites:

ACX – English-language book dubbing service.
LitRes:Reader – there is a contest for the best reader, you can try yourself.

Where can I learn for free?

To get an online profession and earn good money on the Internet, you need to acquire knowledge and practice it in this field. To begin with, it is worth getting to know the profession, to understand the features, etc.

You can start with free courses. My project is dedicated to this goal. It is true that you can start training with proven courses, of which there are few on the Web. But they are really dedicated to practice and will give a chance to get a job in an IT-company or agency.

Cheating on the Internet? No, you haven’t.

I’ve described over 40+ ways to make money online and never once said anything about fraudulent schemes to steal money from the public. Alas, but every day naive users lose money on the Internet. Why? Maybe it’s greed, you always want a quick way to get a million dollars without doing anything.

Important note!

On the Internet, no one can be trusted. Not even me! You are obliged to personally verify the information, let it even be the president. For example, you watch your favorite blogger and he recommends raising money on a pyramid scheme. You go, hand over the money and end up with nothing. This, alas, is how our trust is taken advantage of.

Therefore, always before entering a project, check the information: reviews of the project, reputation. Then only need to participate. So with training on the Internet. Everything needs to be checked.
How to detect fraud on the Internet? I highlighted 5 tips to help sort out this issue.

  1. Pass by HYIPs or financial pyramid schemes. A HYIP is a project that offers to earn on investments at %. it is better not to lie here for newcomers because of the risk of losing part or all of the money. Pyramid earns from the influx of funds from new users.
  2. Forget about making big money doing nothing. To make money, you have to work for an idea and its implementation. Newcomers want to chop millions, but they lose money because they don’t know how it works. I recommend to study the topic of earning in detail, so there are no questions about how to choose a project for work.
  3. No subscription fees on dubious sites. Some services require you to pay a subscription to access the site. This is normal. There are scam sites that require you to pay an invoice to get millions. It is always worth checking which site and do not trust your hard-earned money to little-known projects.
  4. Bloggers recommend a questionable project. Check the information from your favorite bloggers, because they often advertise nonsense and financial pyramid schemes.
  5. I’ll take your information. It is worth paying attention to what site you leave your data (credit card number, mail, phone number, name and surname). Scammers can sell this data to 3rd parties or hang a loan for a large amount.
  6. In freelance, the newcomer should pay attention to the customers. If the customer offers to pay before you start the work, or he takes you away from the communication in the messenger, then bypass them. True, there are exceptions when they need to transfer project files for the project, and here you need to be careful.

To predetermine up to 80% of the threats on the sites, use adblock or special extensions. Adblock helps to catch and block ads that might hide a virus or trojan. Of the extensions, I recommend installing WOT (Web of Trust). Just register and install the extension on Google Chrome.

WOT - Security for making money online
Web of Trust – Security on the Internet

How is the extension useful? The blocker features give you protection against phishing, fraud and malware. It blocks pop-ups and protects against adult content.

General tips for staying safe online

Tip #1. Don’t click on suspicious links.

Check the address bar of your browser for the site you’re visiting. For example, instead of VK.COM, it says VKK.COM. When you go to the second phishing site, you enter the data and they are safely sent to the scammers. So look more often at the address of the site.

Tip #2. Trust the anti-spam email filters.

Your email protects you from getting emails of questionable content. If you get a letter telling you how to get a million dollars through the network, then delete it immediately. Sometimes email services can miss emails from scammers, so be on the lookout.

Tip #3. Use Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Apple Safari browsers.

Use original browsers from official developers (without downloading torrents).

Tip #4. Use licensed software.

Unlicensed software can be of different use, for example, cracked Photoshop. The danger will consist of embedded trojans, which can easily pass anti-virus protection (with your permission) and harm your operating system and have a great chance of depleting your bank account.

Tip #5. Shop at trusted online stores.

Buying from an online store? Do not forget to check the store for reviews and reputation. There were cases when the buyer gave money for non-existent goods. Or worse, they infected their gadgets with viruses and Trojans. Always check the information before buying, just by entering the URL into a Yandex or Google search engine.

Tip #6: Install software updates.

Install updates to all the programs on your operating system. All browsers have auto-updates, which have anti-cracking protection embedded in them.

Tip #7. Safety when downloading files.

Downloading files from the Internet is by no means a safe process. Always check where you are downloading files from and verify them with an antivirus program. Trivial things, but at least you won’t catch trojans or viruses. Try to avoid unsafe places, if you suspect your file is infected, send it to the antivirus software developers.

šŸ™ƒTips for first-time moneymakers

If you come to the Internet, you’re going to lose your money and your time. It’s the law. But do not give up, for it is quite realistic to earn a beginner. Stick to the following tips:

  1. Improve your skills. Self-education is the best skill of the 21st century. Choose what you like better: programming, marketing, languages, design, arbitrage traffic, etc. And then do it. Only the right actions will bring income.
  2. Let the whole internet know that you are or just make yourself known. The more the internet sphere knows about you, the more orders, sales and deals will come.
  3. Never give up and achieve all your goals. Newbies give up at the first failure. It’s better to gain strength and do the right thing, then the results will come.
  4. Trust only yourself, not the blogger gurus. The money will remain and will not be deceived.
  5. Try different methods of income. So you’ll find something to your liking, and earn a good amount of money. Everything is real.

Article FAQ

It’s time for answers to frequent questions from beginners in making money online. I recommend that you memorize them so that you don’t have any questions while you’re working. Well, let’s go through them.

Question 1: What methods of earning money have you personally used?

In practice I have tried a lot of methods: from bookmaking, to freelancing and investing in cryptocurrency. I earned a pretty good amount of money on crypto, because I understand this topic well. Now I’m actively blogging and running several social networks.

Question 2: What should a beginner start on his way to earn money?

A beginner should start by making his first money in freelancing. Why? You may not have mastered the skills of site-building, marketing or programming, but you can easily crop the background of a photo or make a banner in special services.

After you have earned the first 100-500 dollars and put it into your wallet, you will feel that you are making real money. And then start testing other ways. I recommend that you take my little quest and get a cool kit for earning money through the network.

Question 3: Why do newbies drain money?

There are many reasons, one of them is ignorance of this or that project. To check the sites, I recommend to google search and look for reviews.

Question 4: I want to get Internet-profession. Where do I start?

I recommend that a beginner with free courses, and already with a base to dive into paid courses. In the field of training, there are many online schools that promise the mountain of gold with great earnings, and even with a price tag bite.

That’s why I created this project, so that everyone can get quality training without investing a lot of money and credits. Yes, even got gifts for reading simple articles.

Question 5: Are there any restrictions on receiving income on the Internet?

There are no restrictions on both age and marital status. The important thing is to understand that your income is based on the benefits you bring to people (freelancing – you help your clients to solve their problems, blogging – you solve their problems, etc.).

Interesting fact about happiness and money

People with money are happier, and there is plenty of evidence to support this.

But the constant desire to earn more, sacrificing free time, on the contrary, can reduce life satisfaction, a study by scientists at Harvard Business School and City University of London has shown.

Our level of well-being is affected not by how much we earn, but by how we treat money and what we spend it on.

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Important tips from this study that will help you in your future work:

Spend on experiences, not things

People under the age of 30 (Americans) feel happier when they spend money on trips, concerts or special dinners than on material things like gadgets or clothes.

So spend money on the emotions we want for the money.

Buy time.

Researchers found that people who reported that they “buy time” (i.e., save travel time by buying more expensive groceries at the nearest store or using delivery services, for example) are 10% more satisfied with their lives than those who do not.

Invest in others

“You can send a small gift to a friend, help a stranger at the grocery store or donate to a charity that is important to you. While you may be tempted to spend the money on yourself, research shows that you are more likely to find happiness by spending the money on someone else,” the researchers noted in an article in the Harvard Business Review.


Today I’ve talked about the best ways to make money online, both without and with investments. For the newbie, I recommend finding your method and getting started today. Do quests, get bonuses and just be a happy person.

Oh, yeah. Watch the video and learn more about making money online.

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